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About Me

I hold a Bsc Hons degree in Multimedia Technology & Design from Brunel University, London (listed as the 2nd best university in the country for that course of study). Most importantly, I love Photoshop!

I put time and detail into each photo, but there are certain levels of retouching I work up to depending on the price you are willing to pay. Please see below for details.

5 pounds per photo:

- general skin brightening, adding lustre
- removal of large or unsightly blemishes - spots, scars, rashes, cuts, birth marks, etc.
- removal of stray hairs or excess amounts of baby hair
- overall photo colour correction/brightening
- eye brightening and removal of bags or shadows around/under the eye

10 pounds per photo:

- all of the above, plus:
- eyelash elongation/darkening/addition
- fixing of makeup (plus adding, if necessary)
- nose bridge correction (if necessary)
- skin perfecting - natural blush to cheeks, overlays to smoothen skin tone and texture (whilst retaining natural look at hi-res)
- body shape - fix lumps, add curves to waist, straighten legs

15-20 pounds per photo:

-all of the above at highest detail, plus:
- fixing of any unsightly creases/tags on clothing
- elongation of body/legs if requested (only in photos where model is standing or sitting with legs in full view)
- background edits & realistic blending of model into the new background.

I only accept payment by Paypal. Turnover time is usually within a few days, depending on the size, number of photos, and the amount of retouching required. Please feel free to contact me for TFP work - currently I am only looking for head or beauty shots.