About Me

I started my photo experience about 20 years ago with a Canon SLR and 2 lens. At that time I took mostly landscape images and some portraits.
When professional digital SLR cameras hit the market I dumped lots of money into equiptment, professional backgrounds and good lighting.
Even though I specialize in Model and Glamour Photography, I am experienced in Weddings, Senior Portraits, Maternity/Newborn Images and much, much more........

I don't just use plain backgrounds and I try to get is creative as possible with what I have to work with.

I will never push anyone to do nude images and if we do they must be classy and artistic.

I will never post anything you don't want posted.

I will do TFCD shoots with select models!

Please feel free to contact anyone I have worked with for a character reference.
You can also search and add me on Facebook.
Thank you, Bruce Raska


Lots to come!