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I am a student currently. I've loved fashion all of my life. I love the creation process more than anything and really focus on draping more than pattern making. I like clothes that tell a story and the promotion of new artists. Im very inspired by art, I find the written word especially moving, and I love to base clothing on things Ive read, or artwork Ive seen!
I am interested in working with new models and photographers primarily, as I am new to fashion design, I have been creating clothes for years, but this is my first attempt at building a name for myself. I believe that artists can learn a lot from one another in their learning process, and I really appreciate the opportunity to grow in my field.
I do not take photos myself, I do have to rely on a photographer, as I am a sewer, not a photographer. However if you are a model who has a photographer and is looking to update your portfolio and you would like a one of a kind outfit to do it, let me know. Id love the opportunity to work with different people, and am always looking to update my portfolio as well with new images of garments! I just need time to create them if asked!
I dont want to deal with drama, I am not flakey, I dont want to work with people who wont show up, there are enough people out there who really have a passion for it.
That being said, Id love for this site to present me with the opportunity to network within my community with others with a passion for fashion!



01 Sep 11 04:26
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if you're ever in need of any professional photo retouching.
01 Sep 11 00:23
Welcome to iStudio.
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