Misha Jovich
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About Me

I'm Serbian, was born in 1973 in Belgrade and graduated in art history.

My interest in photography started when I was very young, but in 1995 I went into TV as a cameraman and video editor.
After a few years spent in TV stations and production studios, mostly as a freelancer, I moved back again to still photography but this time in a much more serious way. I built up my own studio and worked mostly on advertising jobs utilizing my TV experience.
Working with still pictures, now I tend to work for major companies and mostly I do commercial jobs, mainly for food, beer and beverages. But I also do a lot of technical and product photos. Currently I'm working for few major foreign companies, producing photos for world wide campaigns and brochures and a lot of cover pages, billboards etc.
I work mostly with Canon DSLR equipment, and Bowens Studio Lighting equipment.

In the last few months, I am also focused on my new passion, the fashion design, because I wasn't motivated enough to work in the photo business anymore.
As Serbia is not full of growing company and after pushing other people's product for more that 15 years, I am now trying to make my own brand and products.

The design activity is giving me a some success in Serbia and I'm trying to push my products abroad too.

With the Fashion design I'm doing the same as I did in photography:
I take care about every single detail and I looking for the 'perfect look' in everything I do.