About Me

I am Central Florida based photographer. In my earlier years I was a cop but got injured and unfortunately could no longer continue so the girl I was dating at the time was a model and got me into photography.

I look to be unique and different in every one of my photos. I love color and images that pop! I love to try and make a picture seem hi-def and jump out at you, I guess you could say that's my style of photography. Professionalism is very important to me which means if we schedule a shoot it's business but that doesn't mean there can't be fun! If you have a cool concept message me and we will see what we can do.

I've learned over the years of doing photography, In my opinion there are different types of photographers, ones that book a hot girl with big boobs throw a bikini on her (or naked) and snap a couple of photos and pass that off as art. Then there are true artist where the content/context of the photo drives it more than the model. If you're interested in the first, I can surely hook you up with photographers who would be more than happy to accommodate you or you could just search on MM, about half the photographers on here are that type of photographer. But if you're interested in being part of a creation of art contact me.

I'm trying to build my portfolio in two parts. The first part is what I mentioned above, creating artistic photos you and I can be proud of. The second is more commercially driven photography with head shots and editorial style shots. I don't shoot nudes anymore unless its an artistic idea but that's rare in my brain.

TF Shoots
When we shoot TF I submit your photos to publishers. Turn around on your edited photos is a maximum of 2 weeks and you get to pick 5 of your favs to have edited. All the other photos will be online unedited for you to download if you wish.

Email: matt@photodayography.com
Instagram: Mattdayphotography
Facebook: Facebook.com/MattDayPhotography

Travel: I travel all the time doing landscapes and portraiture, here is my calender for 2014 and the first of 2015. Let me know if I'm coming to a city near you!

Upcoming Travel Dates:

Summer 2014
June 23-29, Las Vegas, NV
July 2-5, Washington, DC
August 14-17, Charlotte, NC

Fall 2014
October 12-19, Bangkok, Thailand
November 13-22, Prague, Czech Republic * Workshop
November 28th thru December 5th, Des Moines, IA

Winter 2014-2015
December 11-14, Atlanta, GA
January 11-18, Toronto, Canada
Late January 2015, Phoenix, AZ


Countries Shot in:
- Mexico
- Grand Caymans
- Canada
- Czech Republic


SinnS MM# 3349803
Very fun photographer to work with. had the pleasure to shoot with Matt last week and he made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Now i just need to go through all of the photos :) thanks again for a great shoot!

Paradise Rodriguez MM# 301693
I shot with Matt Day Photography recently and it was a BLAST. I felt safe and had a wonderful time shooting. Not to mention the images came back in great time and were amazing. Thank you so much!!