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About Me

Hello all! I'm Laney, the face behind the camera. I'm 22 and I just started taking photography seriously this past summer and do not consider myself a "photographer" at this point. I am aspiring to be, but am only in the learning stage right now.

I went to cosmetology school, love doing hair, makeup, and nails. I also studied graphic design and interactive media in college, but have put it on the back burner until recently. I've found my retouching skills very useful in this industry. I'm sort of a Jane of all trades.

I'm looking for fun, unique people to work with purely to boost portfolios and gain more experience on both ends. I would really love to shoot someone with a 1950's style and demeanor for some fun pin-up shots. I also love those with body modifications and edgy looks. Would love to work with models who are flexible, I have found the most visually attractive shots to be ones with difficult-to-hold poses. I don't really think I have a style yet in this media form, so I'm open to anything. Photo critiques are extremely welcome. I'm here to learn!

Contact me here or through my website link at the top!
I travel to North Central Ohio, South Eastern PA, and DFW, Texas on occasion.