Richard Bird - Racheal 1921
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About Me

I started to notice women at a early age,
But I didn’t notice the camera until I met my second and final wife Maria,
I saw a quality in her that I had seen in other people that I hadn’t even noticed, that I had noticed,
But it was only when after photographing my wife that I noticed when I looked at the photographs that I saw another person looking back at me,
After that, when my camera was in my hand and pointing at people, I saw that something else, something I couldn’t put my finger on, what was it?
Then it hit me,
I could see people, in a different age, era, clothing,

I have worked with several people, both male and female, Nude, semi nude, clothed, whatever they have asked for, be it Victorian clothed, or Victorian post card photographs that would be sold for the pleasure of gentlemen, Whatever way I have been asked to photograph people I have always done the best I can to make all the photographs look as if they are from the period they have asked for,
Many people have been pleased with the results from my work, But I don’t want to add a load of letters for you to see, Most have gone now, anyway, since I moved from the UK, first to Hungary and then to Sweden,
I am not a professional Photography, far from it, just a person that tries to make the best of his limited talents,
Photography is not my living,
When I am not a building worker I am a pig farmer, I don’t want to make a living at photographing people, I am too old and want an easy life, but I have been told, "don’t waste your ability"
So here I am at your disposal. Ready with my camera at hand to try and put you back into an era that you want to be in,