About Me

Hey everyone.. welcome and my name's Rafiq..29 years old..a friendly, a joker, easy-going and fun-loving guy who loves photography not just as a hobby but it is also my passion. I've been messing with photography since school (2002) but i've only became serious with my passion since 2006. i hope i can progress and to dabble more professionally with my work in photography. I am willing to share or try out my knowledge on photography with anyone. I feel that photography is subjective so who cares! I welcome any criticisms - good ones, bad ones - that does not matter coz i appreciate and can accept criticisms. This way, I can learn how to improve .. like they say: there's always room for improvement..so welcome-here i am..Hope u'll enjoy my photos....

Looking forward to do fashion photography with models in IStudio .. ^_^ *TFCD negotiable*



11 Jan 10 13:00
Great port! Thanks for the request. Do you ever come to Singapore? Eva
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