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I have been asked what I like about photography. After I thought about it, I decided its the look on the faces of my clients when I hand them their finished products. I like seeing the smiles and excitement. Most of my work is the typical small town photographer stuff, family portraits, weddings, group shots and some commercial work that typically is used for local business advertising. While I am shooting paid assignments for several clients, I enjoy TF work as well.

I really enjoy working with models and have very few rules, demands or restrictions. My number one rule is that we have some fun. I love to laugh at work and if we cant laugh and make it fun then what really is the point?

I do not shoot nudes and I don't care if you want to have an escort. If you want to shoot, just be in a mindset to have fun, relax and let's take some pictures. I enjoy studio sessions and location sessions and have a sketch book full of concepts and am always willing to shoot any ideas you have as well. Sound interesting? Shoot me a comment and let me know.

Feel free to check out either of my websites,



12 Jan 10 23:37
Hi Bill, Welcome to iStudio family!!! Outstanding port and photos. Thanks for the add. Stay in touch... God bless always, Marianne- WRS
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