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West-World Photography is a commercial photography business (hired by companies to provide images for their marketing, sales, public relations, point-of-sale and product packaging needs). We do not provide photographic services for the general public and do not shoot Weddings or Senior Portraits. Our expertise is outdoor, location photography work, and our images are primarily Fitness & Sports related.


Our work is destined for clients such as travel and tourism companies; calendar companies; sports equipment companies; ads and promotions for spas & fitness centers, etc. We regularly seek new and financially rewarding clients.

We do not shoot "fashion" and do not work for clothing outlets. We are not looking for tall skinny "fashion model" types; instead we are looking for real "girl-next-door" girls who are healthy, tanned & toned. Our typical model is found everywhere from retail to rodeo before they start with us, and on-the-job training is available at no cost.


Potential models should send an inquiring email to: modeling (at) west-world.com
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Our primary web site is:


Steve Souza
West-World Photography
(805) 343-1968




22 Aug 14 00:15
Nice work!
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