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I'm Jeroen. A 36-year old (at the moment) photographer from the Netherlands.
In normal life I used to shoot cars and sports. But since there is no living in sportsphotography anymore I deceided to quit at the end of this season. I stopped shooting cars recently and started out at a press agency to shoot journalism full time. No time for cars anymore.

To fill the gap from sports, I picked up shooting models. I'll try to upgrade my level for the next couple of months but the most important stuff right now is to have fun shooting and work a little bit more on my portfolio.

I love to shoot on location, but I'm also not afraid of the studio.
If you like my pictures and you want to callobarate in a shoot, please contact me.


Jeroen de Jong


12 Apr 14 03:06
Welcome! If you're in need of retouching, please check out
09 Apr 14 11:51
Fantastic port!
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