About Me

Hi I'm Monica. I have been taking many pictures of myself since the beginning of high school. I was first inspired to become a model after taking/editing photos for my boyfriend. They weren't nude or anything, but he believed that they were professional. When I posted those same pictures on facebook and myspace, I got the same reaction: people thought that I was a model taking professional pictures. You might be surprised to know that a majority of my pictures are actually taken in my bathroom where there is a white wall for a good blank backround. I edit my photos without photoshop but with other photo editing programs. I love art very much. I am a very creative person. I am currently taking a graphic art class and I would like to major in graphic design. I believe that maybe I could model as a part time career. I admit that I was no real beauty as a kid but I have done some growing up since then and now I do look beautiful, in my opinion. But there is one thing about me that photographers and others might have an issue with:my size. I am not very tall, but for my height I am very well proportioned. I would like to be a petite model. I have not grown since my freshman year. I am about 5 feet tall. But I like taking pictures and being in the pictures. I hope to hear from someone soon, asking me to do a photo shoot of some kind.