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Hello and welcome to my MM Page! I'm Marc Drescher, aka "MarcFromTheDark". I'm a freelance photographer in L.A. that specializes in modeling portfolios (Glamour/Fashion/Pin-up/Burlesque), acting headshots, set photography, red carpet events, press wall, Live Music/Bands, and general events.


If you're looking to update your portfolio, have new headshots made, or add something new and exciting, look no further. I'm very interested in hearing your new ideas and concepts, and love shooting on location. 15 years experience. Canon EOS 1D MkII.


Call me if interested. Located in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles), CA.
Available 10am-10pm 7 days a week.
(TFP available after 12 noon)

Interested parties, please call for information and to discuss any future projects. 310-880-5477. Thank you! That's better than email or text. Leave a message if I don't answer and i'll promptly return your call.

**SERIOUS MODELS ONLY PLEASE.** I am seeking models who can handle doing sexy poses with some skin showing. I don't mean nipples/buttock/frontal/spread or anything dirty like that, I simply mean alluring, teasing, and sexy hot. This I consider implied nudity. We're "implying" that we're showing something, but leaving something to the imagination. What can I say, the people like the nudes. Notice on MM model pages, the nudes are the most viewed on someone's profile? EXACTLY! Let's get the most views out of our work! I mean.. you do want alot of views, don't you? .....If you cannot handle doing implied nude, I cannot offer you a TFP, unless it's something really worth while. On the other hand, you're welcome to become a paying customer shooting private or portfolio work, and do anything you like.


Services Include:
*Portfolio photography
*Adult photography (Playboy-esque, artistic, or "hustler" styles)
*Dark/Boudoir/Pin-Up Photography

*Digital Printing (up to 8ft x 4ft prints!) Cut-outs, promo materials (coffee mugs, t-shirts, etc.)
*Event Photography
*Wedding Photography
Adult content provider/photographer (adult membership paysites) video and stillframe services.
Personal Portfolio websites for actors, models, and musicians

Specialized photography services available:
*HDR Shooting
*Delayed exposure, light painting
*Chromakey (greenscreen)



*MANY portfolios and examples of my work available to see on Please visit!

*15 years camera experience, 8 years digital editing.

*I shoot only on location, no studio, unless you have a studio you'd like to rent. I can also shoot in your home if needed, as my gear is portable.

*I do not pay models to shoot, but if you're interested in making money in this business and don't have a problem being partially nude or all nude, I have opportunities for you for print and digital work. Email me if interested.

*Models who are under professional contract, work for a major label or studio, or are signed with an accredited agency may opt to shoot free of charge editorially. (must show proof).

*You may hire your own mua/hairstylist.

*Escorts not allowed, unless they're to drop you off and pick you up. They're not allowed on set, nor will they have viewing privileges of the work we create while on set.

*There's alot of folks on this site who claim to be a photographer. I am a real one.

*No I will not personally pay to shoot implied or nudes. Leave the paying up to directors. If I wanted to pay for boobs, I'd go to a titty bar, and you may as well be the stripper entertaining me.

*For that matter, I also have a girlfriend, and she's probably just as hot as you if not hotter so don't worry, I'm not a perv trying to mess with you unlike other weirdo photographers out there. See her on my myspace:

*Flakes or no-shows will not be given second chances. Please call at least 24 hours before scheduled shoot to confirm.

*No, I'm not a jerk, I'm a respectably nice guy, I just have to make my point up front as not to cause any confusion later. :) I really like making new friends, so fee free to bring a good conversation!



*TFP Offered to first time customers only.

* Up to 4 hours shoot time.

* A Proof sheet will be sent to you to pick the photos you like best. I will select the ones from your selection to edit and return to you via email.

*Allow at least 7-14 days for editing, depending on my workload. Paid work comes first.

*TFP Means Trade for Prints (Or CD), meaning both the model and photographer must accomplish works that make them both happy. I specialize in sexy implieds, and won't be happy unless I shoot and include them for my ports. Model must be open minded to implied nude or beyond for TFP.


Any other questions, please email me or call 310-880-5477.


***If you want to shoot TFP with me, copy/paste this link in your browser:


Numerous credits from numerous sources.

Houston, TX.
Los Angeles, CA.