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Hi my name is Drew I`m a photographer on the south side I take Pics for your Page or Whatever U don't have to be a model.
Don't be Shy everybody is a Star!!!!!

$ Dollars fee you get 75- pics 3 outfit changes of your choosing, business, Bikini,Sexy outfit, club outfit , Lingerie, after 5,and p.J`s what ever , Bring props if you like,blanket, toys, pillows what ever! Your pictures will be put on a C. D. disk after the photo shoot, I have a Studio and I take pics outdoors. Also I`m a Graphic designer so i can edit my pics, like remove marks from face or change backgrounds whatever. Come on this is almost free you can't beat the price. For the quality pics mon – sat 11:00 – 8:00pm some Sundays

You can see some of my work at the links below

Mayhem #82379
Mysace.com my email drew_h5@yahoo.com
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Chi-Town support your Own----- Gary welcome!

Come on you will be Glad you Did!!!

you are given a CD of Hi-Res Images enhanced to make you look stunning one of a kind images

To insure the Model is at ease, a companion is ok Female only. This is NOT mandatory and many Models forgo it.

On the subject of nudes. Yes, I shoot nudes. It has NEVER been a requirement for shooting with me. I will shoot ONLY what the model requests! Any and all nudes shown here were REQUESTED (demanded) by the Model.

Please contact ANY model I have worked with for references.
Words of wisdom by Femi Photography

When shooting with me if you are not bring a Designer-
Make-Up Artist-Art Director- Stylist then they have no place in the studio. I do not bring my family to work with me and I expect the same from you This make for a better Shoot no distraction!!!!!!! On the day of the shoot and you can not make the shoot please call, so that spot can be filled Time is Money. Thank you for shooting with me



07 Feb 10 02:05
Drew, welcome to iStudio... Great beginning to your port... Beautiful Women/Model
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