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About Me

I am not only a model but also a Naturopathic Doctor who started out as a personal trainer. I have a different outlook on fitness than most because of my understanding of physiology and body mechanics. I live and work what I preach. I may be busy like everyone else but I still find the time to eat healthy and train in the gym. I can only hope that me living my healthy lifestyle and educating the public that they will be inspired to be healthy as well. Modeling is another avenue to hopefully inspire more individuals to be active and healthy. I am 5’8” and 185lbs. I am new to modeling and I have always had good mentors as I built my practice and through out my life. Gary with Norcalbodz is helping me be successful in this new venture and can’t wait to see how my career as a model unfolds.

Thank You for viewing my site. Please feel free to join my fan page or contact me if you would like.


21 Dec 10 17:25
The rest of us ladies are having trouble catching our breath LOL
24 Mar 10 20:37
great work, keep up
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