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About Me

Lugg Nutzz Foto Editing & Photography

Semi Pro Photoshop Wizard & Photographer .

I am just starting to commercialize on my skills.

I haven’t been working with Photoshop for 3 years and a few other Foto manipulation programs and still learning new things every day .

I like to develop the natural beauty in the person. Although I can do the high skin smoothing, I prefer to keep it close to natural only removing skin blemishes and correcting areas photographers have a hard time with sometimes cropping and working on background manipulation .

My experience is changing eye color, creating a nice bokah affect, vignette, color enhancement, skin smoothing, blemish (and distractions), skin and lighlt softening, advanced coloring to include eyes, minor body editing ,color enhancement, color enhancement , noise removal, sharpening & photo manipulation among other effects....

I currently am working on a Paid /TF* type payment to help iStudio Members.

I am interested in working with photographers and model’s alike so we both can enrich our portfolios with quality products.

I do plan on going professional at some point, willing to help amateur photographer's & amateur and pro models with Foto editng help ....

We are here to help the many models or photographers out in iStudio World that might need help with picture editing or retouch....

Email us for prices and your ideas we also are Photographers