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Hello everyone my name is T'Challa "Tocky" Bonner, CEO of The Composite Logic Co. and resident Photographer at Complex 2010. I am on Model Mayhem to network and offer my services to aspiring models. My inspiration to become a photographer came about while working as a graphic designer. While doing flyer designs, business cards and album cover work, I realized that my clients would go elsewhere to get their photography done and I wanted to become a one-stop shop. From there the ambition and the business grew. I've also built my business upon the philosophy that everybody deserves quality work and innovation, not just the big spenders. I am big on networking and although I've run across some who may deem themselves too good or second guess working with me for whatever hangup I still represent my craft as an individual and hope to meet people who are open minded as I am with the belief in being an individual before anything else. Beyond that as a company Composite Logic is the small business owner's service provider. Located at 2010 S Wabash in the South Loop I am ready to provide quality service at reasonable prices.
On the subject of TF* yes I do offer sessions if you are bringing a particular look and energy to the table if we are to collaborate bring forth effort because I'll treat you as if you are a paying client, with high energy and performance in the shots I compose.

I recommend you take a look at these notes on facial expressions and posing before scheduling with me

For a monthly fee 100/month I am offering UNLIMITED Photo Shoots as well as perks for each additional month wth me including:
personal magazine
comp card
alter ego shots
and much more message me for details

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The Composite Logic Co.
2010 S Wabash
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#2214783 Sierra Senquis

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Published Photographer with JLP Magazine

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