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so i have always been into photography and making movies since i started high school. I learned to use photoshop at the same time, so i associate photography with photoshop. i feel like photoshop skills show off peoples talents, however only other photoshop users can appreciate others talents. (there is alot of easy stuff out there that ppl do and everyone thinks its "great". i recently bought a lighting kit and started shooting models. i had my first shoot recently and i loved it. i have posted a few pictures from the shoot, and im constantly editing photos to come up with random images that evoke different feelings. i hope to turn this hobby into something more than that. maybe change the modeling world!?!? So far my photos that i have posted were from my very FIRST SHOOT! i wanted to learn about my lighting equipement, the way photoshoots are organized and how to deal with costume and makeup setup. I look forward to future shoots, however i want to be more specific. I want to experiment with dreamy "unreal" pictures, but make them look real. Almost like the movie "the cell" with jennifer lopez, that is the imagery i am going for.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my work,
Peter Leistensnider


so far i would like to thank Jason from TRU nightclub