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Hello, I'm Houston Photographer/Videographer & Spray Tanner Ruben Stunner. I am also the owner of The Ruben Stunner Show. A Tv show on the Houston Cable access channel about Fashion, Nightlife, Entertainment, Events, Interviews, Promotional modeling etc.
I work with models and professionals in the industry. I am also the owner of We rent out the photo studio to other photographers for use. I am looking to network with anyone and everyone, professionals, and amateurs. Feel free to contact me for photoshoots, Spray tanning, or casting on our Tv show.
I come from a musical background and played several instruments growing up. I also attended school for audio engineering and later received the title as an audio engineer, producer and songwriter. That was before i was introduced to the photography world.....Photography just came so easy and natural to me. Compared to music, it was unbelievable! Ever since then I can't stop the photography journey that has led me into my present lifestyle.

Models! Don't ruin your skin! I can give you the best Spray Tan in Houston.

To schedule an appointment please email me with your info & contact number.
All major credit cards accepted. (832) 224-5969

To see how you can become a guest on our show, or to book The Stunner Hottiez you can contact The Ruben Stunner Show Hotline at 1-888-450-5545 ext. 103


The Stunner Hottiez!

Check out a clip from the show interviewing model Sasha Grether. or visit for more info. You can tune in every Sunday at 8:30pm.