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Hi it's Wendy Neil and Andrew Chase. We are a Seattle based photography duo just getting started in a new direction of photography and trying to establish a reputable portfolio.

We have both been students of traditional photography but grew tired of the same old stuff. Sepia tone and shadows just aren't fun. We now favor taking fun shots that express sexiness and confidence. We love colors and we try and find a way to fill our pics with vibrant colors.

Our goals are to eventually become a leading supplier to magazines such as easy rider and import tuner. Our two main loves are cars and photography. We are looking to fuse the two together and begin a journey that places our models on all sorts of exotic automobiles.

We came to istudio.com after one of our friends told us about a site that is basically the facebook for models. We were extremely excited when we found out about this site as we think that this could be a gateway to get our photos discovered and for us to find models who are as motivated to succeed as we are.

Models: We are looking for amateur models who are trying to start a career just like us. We have no body/size requirements, we only ask that you exude confidence and sexiness in all your photos. At this point in time we are only focusing on females. If you feel you have that exotic car model look please email us for more information.

Wendy Neil also does senior pictures and has limited studio access for models needing studio shots.

Our E-mail is: Neil_Jones_Photography@yahoo.com


06 May 10 22:47
Hey Wendy & Andrew, welcome to iStudio...thanks for the FR add! Very nice work!!
04 May 10 08:42
Welcome to iStudio
01 May 10 10:06
Wow beautiful port! Thanks for the FR!
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