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About Me

1. I am not a professional photographer. Also not a GWC either. Somewhere in between. LOL Still learning and feel my work is getting better with every shoot.

2. The art created between myself and the model is a collaboration. Very willing to listen to the models ideas and make them a reality.

3. Not a photoshop pro, but know enough to get rid of any skin blemishes.

4. Escort or no escort, I'm good with either.

5. I like spontaneity in a shoot. While we may have an idea of the look we are going for, I prefer to go for that look with an open mind.

6. Fun yet professional. When everyone is having fun the shots look better. I like to keep the mood light. If we aren't having fun we should be doing taxes, laundry or root canals.



01 Oct 12 15:28
Hi there! I'm in Augusta, Ga but don't mind traveling. Mainly I do nude/lingerie, let me know if you'd like to work with me soon. In Feb I'll be relocating to Hawaii. Thanks!!
27 May 12 16:54
Welcome Hanna to iStudio... Awesome work my Friend!
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