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About Me

I can’t draw or paint (except a house or room). I enjoy taking pictures it’s my only artistic outlet. Therefore I try to tell “something” in my pictures – not just a beautiful girl posing.

Bring an escort – I don’t mind. I might even put him in the shot! If they’re not helping and they get in the way – we’re done.

I try all types of photography – even nudes and landscapes – don’t think less of me.

I take pictures on a budget. I don’t have many lights – most TF shoots will be with natural or a single light.

I don’t always know what the shoot will turn out like. Too many times I’ve tried to organize too much and it turns out bad. Go with it if I don’t specifically have a “project” or idea.

Have an open mind – I’ll let you delete anything out of my camera if you later feel prudish. Just don’t be prudish during the shoot – it will show.

I certainly appreciate comments (all comments in my port are unsolicited) and will accept all friend requests. Not sure what friend requests are for.

If money is involved (meaning I’m going to pay you or pay for a location) don’t freak if I want to meet first – I don’t want to date.

Go ahead and ask any of the models I’ve worked with if I act professional or not – I know the answer.

Model Pet Peeves

Don’t waste my time. I do this as a serious hobby right now and little time for it. If you’re not sure you will absolutely show up – then don’t bother contacting me. If you cancel on the day of the shoot -- don't be surprised I shy away from any further work with you.

If I want to pay for a model I’ll contact you. If you contact me, either you pay me or it’s TF.


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