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About Me

-Nobody is perfect so why try to be?? just go with the flow
-Everyone want's something in return.
-It's not always about you and not always about me
-Photography is about beauty and art.
-Respect goes along way,you must give it to get it..
-I have no interest in working with you if you are only in it for the money.

I have been shooting now for about a year and a half and love every aspect of capturing the beauty of everyone and everything.
I've been told that I am too easy going but I have seen some jerk photographers out there and I refuse to be like them nor do I want to work with bitchy models.

My Goals*
-Build an exciting portfolio
-Be published in magazines
-Win photo contests
-Help models get recognized

TFP/TFCD? - Sure as long as the shoot is less than 2 hours. Time over that I would like compensation of which can be negotiated.