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About Me

I am R.Zack Smith I have over 15 years experience as a photographer. What started out in high school on the journalism and yearbook staff has become a serious passion for me and I am pleased to share it with you. Photography for me is not just taking a photograph its about the look of the object rather it be a hillside a model or a dew drop on a leaf. I have been on both sides of the modeling community both as a model and now as a photographer and model scout.I do most of my shots in as much natural light as I am able to find, I dont use photoshop for more then a few small basic things, not because I dont know how to use it but more because I feel it takes away from the object of the photograph, I started shooting before photoshop (film cameras and dark rooms) so most of my shots are flash-fill or natural light.I look forward to bringing your next photography experience.
And I welcome you to my page.

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