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My name is Michael Gaffney, an amateur photographer and print artist looking to bridge the divide between the two. With this, I hope to create meaningful and artistic displays of art that define a particular idea. There are many ideas dancing around in my head, some of which are representational while others are really quite literal. I am looking to build my portfolio which, in turn, will build yours. I am interested in both learning and sharing knowledge while having fun; sharing ideas and concepts that result in a creative joint venture to produce an image (or group of images) we both will be proud of.

I am timely and expect similar consideration. Although presently seeking TFP or TFCD, I expect to provide a professional atmosphere where fun and creativity is encouraged. Pretty much any idea is game, at least open to discussion. Let's get together and make something grand. I am willing to meet to discuss ideas or details for a shoot, after initial contact via MM. I am also discovering that contact via telephone is essentially an absolute prior to the shoot. My time is valuable, even if it means sitting at home awaiting the latest rerun of Oprah on Parade, so let me know if you have a penchant for "no shows" or late cancellations- that way I can respect your time as well. The plan is to enjoy the process, not to create yet another chore for either of us.


Heather Dickson, MM #2370806
Kimm Tan, MM #2410958
Gabby Jayne, MM #2315655
Diana Couturier, MM #2430561
Courtney M. Williams, MM #2281486
ChristyLove22, MM #2192297
Little Alice, MM #769749
Sallie Moyer, MM #2440011
Phalon Joy #2142904
Laura Mambo, MM #2433480
Princess Deanna, MM #2430561
Christina Winn, MM #1823880
WolfPup, MM #720766 (**)
Garden of Heather, MM #1801500
Fayette Mariposa MM #2110174 (**)
Natasha Green #2465312
Francia Benson #2435240

Model, Reese Nicholle Parham
Model, Samm Call
Model, Heidi Mason
Model, Becca Crookston
Model, Elizabeth Phelps (*********)
Make-up, Emily Fillerup Buelt
Photographer, Amanda Fillerup Hendrickson

(* indicates number to times worked with)


17 Dec 11 21:20
Thank you for adding me, Michael and thank you for the compliment. I love your port. I'll be headed west soon so, I'll definitely be in touch:)
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