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About Me

Hello, I am Ron and I am located in Norcross, Ga. That is a little bit NE of Atlanata. I have a studio and I do rent it out for those of you who are interested in space for either still or video.
I really enjoy studio work because I have control of the light. I tend to like the more dramatic lighting of a spot light, but I also use soft boxes.
The edger the better I like it. I love to work with really good make up artists and fashion designers. They inspire the most creative shoots. Models that are not all up tight about their body are more fun that those who are afraid that they might be seen by the photographer are more fun to work with, because they are free spirits too.
I do everything from models and portraits to commercial products and events on location or in the studio.

If you have a need or just want to try something outside the box, please call me or drop me an email at: or 770-263-7777

I have been in my studio for over 20 years. I know lighting.

Ron Kerr
3284 Medlock Bridge Rd
Norcross, Ga 30092


over 20 years experience
former board member of GPPA
former member PPA
Chairman of the accreditation committee for Gwinnette Tech
award winning prints for contest sponsored by PPA and GPPA