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About Me

I started photography not too long ago after being in the company of friends who are into photography while studying in university. Photography became my passion for the past few years. As for now, the kind of pictures I prefer to capture centers around landscapes, nature and people/cultures/weddings in Malaysia. I am currently in Selangor, Malaysia doing shoots every now and then while attending courses held in Kuala Lumpur for photography. Most of my shoots are outdoors with natural lighting, but I do shoot in a studio for certain concepts. Editing-wise, I still have ways to go using photoshop but am learning from a good friend of mine who is in the industry. As of currently, I consider myself still in between amateur/semi-pro but are willing to learn from others whenever possible especially those of the same style and interest. In the future, I plan on trying out the more complex or unorthodox style of photography using better equipment and such. All in all hopefully I can meet and learn from the people here be it models or fellow photographers as I have met and learned from some local talents. Cheers and have fun.




07 Jun 12 17:37
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