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A Midlands based photographer, Tamworth is just north of Birmingham. Most of my photographic career (some 35 years) has been travel, documentary, urban and reportage with some artistic stuff as well when the inclination arose. More recently moved into portraits, glamour and studio work.

The Digital revolution helped tremendously as I never had the lifestyle that permitted a dark room of my own. However my documentary style means I am not into heavy photoshopping.

I am interested in studio or location photography. Preferably more location on the urban/industrial side. I like to do something different but then everyone says that :-) Currently working on a portfolio for a Burlesque performer and one for a Dominatrix!

I am interested in TFP or FTCD as well as paid work as the art can be more important than the money.... So if you have an idea or need a portfolio started give me a call chills@jagraphics.co.uk


18 Aug 11 01:44
Very pretty pictures, you do very well. Also hope you will visit my "home" ,if you have some free time.
15 Jan 11 11:42
I love your work. The concepts you have in your portfolio are quite stunning. http://www.zarihsretouching.com/
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