About Me

♥Well...My name is Monica Xabrina.. I’m a complicated, crazy, but also a simple girl with a big ♥heart♥...;).
♥I'm a girl with a lot of sense of humor, very simple and apart from being crazy I’m still easy going with..:) You'll always see me smiling & laughing..
♥ My friends would describe me as someone who's crazy enough to live the moment and do spontaneous things...
♥ I'm really compassionate. I'm hurt when my friends are hurt. I'd go miles for my close friends..I love them so much..
♥ I'm a direct person, Id tell what I have in mind without any hesitations..
♥ To my close friends and family I'm someone they can count on.
♥ I can be a good listener and a good adviser you choose. I'm patient and I'm understanding , but don't push me to the limit, cuz I can be very evil if I want to..
♥ I'm a person who loves to live each day and end it knowing that I made the most out of it or just know that I'm happy.
♥ I like going where my heart is taking me..
♥I LOVE CLOTHES I‘m really kikay...but I’m not the super vain type...I’m just being a fashionista., who loves dressing and making up.. Especially for special occasions!...
♥ I‘m also a hopelessly romantic person and → guessing who is going to be my PRINCE..someday:D← ;-)
♥ Sometimes I’m just wasting my time on thinking and observing my surroundings and the people around me..-.-** XO
♥ Well, okay that’s all for now... I can tell u a lot more thing about me...but it’ll take months XD.. And I don’t want to make u bored with me being "DALDAL".. just wanted to give u a small impression about who and what I am ...
♥ so if u want to get to know more about me.. feel free to ask me.. if you want to add me up to your friends list , just do it. ;-) and yeah peace out, take care and hit me up with a comment..^^


21 Dec 10 17:24
ur cute!
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