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About Me

I shoot pretty much anything except porn. Apparently that's not enough so I have to write more.

I'm a photographer. That means I've done pretty much everything at one time or an other (and survived to tell the tale). I refuse to specialize. It's just not my thing.

I'm the ideas guy. I share them freely. Love my idea but want to steal it for a shoot with someone else? I won't mind. I got a few thousand more.
It comes with the territory of being a generalist. Actors book me for headshots and keep me for shows, cast parties and weddings (once they stop running long enough to get married). I've never been booked for a divorce party but I have some amazing ideas ready if anyone wants a divorce party to celebrate moving on.

For models I prefer to do a lot of the work in-camera and leave post to a minimum. I have a studio and it gets dusted every week, but I prefer location shots. To me a location is just another idea turned into a studio.

Because of this, I don't have a set 'workflow'. I wouldn't know one if it bit me on the ass. Everything is a creative process. I prefer it that way. it's not re-inventing the wheel. It's making new and different wheels every time. So, other than weddings, my rates are basically the booking fee for my time at the hourly $$$. Simple enough?


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