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About Me

there are a handful of disciplines i have in my holster. mural work, figure painting, glamour photography, face and body painting, sculpture, illustrations. joining model mayhem seems the perfect way to meet subjects who want to be body painted, photographed, painted or engage in other artistic collaborations, either modeling for hire or portfolio pieces for both of us. being artistically curious with many talents, i have many ideas that i wish to explore but find it hard to connect with participants without the resource of model mayhem.

having a life long artistic leaning refined with a degree in illustration from milwaukee institute of art and design, with an extensive list of large and small murals, figure painting, glamour and nude photography and a recent dabbling in facepainting and bodypainting behind me. have had literally dozens of commissioned art assignments.

at the moment, i am looking to expand my body painting and would be willing to work on someone to expand both our portfolios. it will need to be somewhat convenient as right now i am mister mom to 3 and in the spring we reopen our seasonal restaurant, ,but there can always be something scheduled.