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50 years in photography, 30 years teaching fine art photo at same college in CA, department chair, personal work - nuides, taught 1000's of students including one Pulitzer prize winner in photo. Owned studio before being offered teaching job. Retired from college in 2002, moved to Colombia with my Colombian wife, returned to USA (FL) in 2010. It has been several years since I have done any serious photography and I am GOING NUTS! It is my life. Looking for models in FL with whom I can collaborate to create marvelous new nude, semi-nude, glamour, pin-up, exotic photography. I was considered by professionals to be a master Black and White printer. I want to get back into that but at the moment am doing digita using my own painting applications to create a fine arts interpretation. Contact me by phone, email, slow mail. I am a retired professor, so money flows to me very slow, out from me very fast! So, am especially interested in TFP but will consider paid models if fits into my budget. Thanks