About Me

I studied film directing and cinema in art university (master's degree).
I also studied video editing in Montreal.
I love photography as my second passion.
You can see more pictures and some part of my short films in my website.
I like to discover the loneliness and tranquility in woman's body.
I always have new ideas for new model.
I do TFP and I shoot in my place in downtown.
If you are interested in my style and want to have some artistic photos just send me a message.

My Photo Exhibition in Belgium, October 2011:


My exhibition in Toronto, September 2011:


My exhibition in Montreal, July 2011:


After Montreal, Toronto and Belgium I probably will have another exhibitions in Netherlands, Germany and most of European countries and also United States in the future.

Thanks for reading.


All images are ©2011 by Arian and may not be used without permission.