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About Me

Dimension mag, an online magazine, explores the depth of human capacity and creativity in the field of lifestyle, fashion, art and design, entertainment and photography.

Be part of our group page on facebook: http://join.dimensionmag.com. Invite your friends to join us as well. Spread the word and support our synergy of featured talents and personalities, while we are constantly enhancing our contents and developing new features.

We are thriving to support a growing network of imaginative people working in social innovation, humanism, creativity, education, and network development. We also like to create communities brimming with creativity and understanding by taking great pride in our ability to be a voice of creative expression, and to recruit and find new talent. We find nothing more satisfying than introducing and melding brilliant artistic minds in every issue of DIMENSION magazine.

We are looking for potential over experience with the goal of turning passion into influential inspirations and motivations, our unique collaborations among writers, visual artists, photographers, designers and many other creative fields produce exciting new measurement of form and function far beyond our individual capabilities.


07 Dec 10 21:18
Your portfolio is amazing! I'd love to do a shoot with you!
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