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You can reach me through my website (link above) or by phone 716-771-0888 between 10am and 4 pm NY time, Monday through Friday.

Limited TFCD Shoot Dates Available

For more examples of my work, please visit the following sites:
* bobhubbardphotography.com - Main site
* martialphotos.com - martial arts
* martialartsphotography.com - martial arts photography blog
* Bob Hubbard's Photography on FaceBook
* WNY Model Photography Community - Networking, Education and model/photographer reviews.

My style varies, from serious portraits to random "lets see what we can create". I'm just as happy shooting a goofy costume, as a nude, as a serious professional shot. Got some weird ideas you want to try? Lets put our heads together and see what we can create.


TFP/TPCD Shoot Guidelines:
- Proofs emailed within 48 hours of shoot.
- Finished Edited versions emailed within 2-3 weeks.
- CD Mailed within 2-3 weeks.
- Model Release is Required.
- Available as time and commitments allow.
- Traditional paper prints available at a modest cost.
- No Raw/Unedited files released.

Paid Shoot Guidelines
- A modest payment is sometimes available, based on what I can afford. I'm negotiable, I am also not a Federally Bailed Out Bank with unlimited cash reserves. If a paid shoot is done, I will 1099 you at years end for tax purposes. I will therefore require you provide a tax ID. If you are unwilling to provide this information, I will not violate US Federal Tax Law and we will not work together.

Escort Policy
- Escorts are welcome, however you are responsible for all of their expenses, meaning I do not pay for their food, admittance, travel, lodging or time.
- No "hang arounds". Escorts are welcome to wait in the lobby, the car, or the parking lot.

Contacts, Flakes, ID.
I ask for a phone number to contact you to
1-discuss the shoot and plan accordingly and
2-to attempt to reach you should you not be at the agreed upon location as scheduled. I am happily married, and my wife often assists me with shoots. I am not looking for a 'hook up', and your contact information will only be used for legitimate business purposes. I provide you with my number for the same reason.

Regarding "no-shows", I do not give second chances and I do talk with numerous other photographers. I'm active on numerous model and photographer communities, and will check your references. If you have no intent on working together, do not soil your reputation by scheduling a shoot and blowing me off. Word will get around.

If we are doing a shoot that falls into the nude/implied/suggestive areas, I will need to see a government issued ID and will need to make a copy of that to comply with US Federal Law.

Reference Checks
The internet and world in general can be harsh. Not everyone is a 'good guy'. Before I work with any model I will check references. I suggest you do the same with every photographer you work with, including me. Ask any model you check with a few basic questions:
1- Was the photographer professional?
2- Did they keep their word, and give you your images and/or payment promptly and as agreed?
3- Would you work with that photographer again?
Also, check more than 1 reference. 1 person is an opinion, several is a track record.
Just because someone is on a 'friends list' doesn't mean they recommend them.
Also, be aware there are a lot of petty jealousies and clicks. Verify that the person has in fact actually worked with your reference, and that the person you're checking with isn't just going on some bitter and grumpy's defamation. We have extensive reviews on photographers and models on WNYModelPhotography.com and we check references on all our members. No flakes, creepers or pervy old control freaks allowed.

Model Safety
Some photographers enjoy the thrill of abandoned buildings, and breaking and entering. I prefer to more relaxed shoot environment, and seek to avoid being in places I don't belong and the potential for law enforcement involvement. To that end, I will never endanger you or me by suggesting we willingly trespass on other peoples property for a shot. I am also not going to ask that you walk naked through busy downtown intersections, break into an old junk yard and lie naked in broken glass, or dangle dangerously over a railing without a safety net, just to get a shot. I prefer we both come back safe and as sound as we left. I've also written several articles that give tips and advice to models.
Safety Tips for Models
10 Tips For Models : Structuring your Profile on a Modeling Site
5 Sins of Models or How to Kill a Professional Relationship

Model & Print Releases
I explain my release at the beginning of the shoot and I require them to be completed at the conclusion of the shoot. If you are unwilling to sign a release, we will not work together. I issue you a separate release depending on what our agreed upon terms are that outlines what you may and may not do with your copies of the prints, which also usually serves as a print release should you wish to print our work together.

"The Studio"
My Studio is where ever I am at that moment. I shoot on location, outdoors or indoors as needed. I have both standard professional studio lighting as well as portable speedlights, and work with both natural and artificial lighting. I also regularly shoot out of The Piranha Studios in downtown Buffalo, and at the NACC in Niagara Falls. Lighting is AlienBee and Canon, Camera's are Canon DSLR, lenses are Canon.

I am fully insured.

Politically Incorrect and proud of it.

*A Note on "Friend" requests: If I send a request it's to indicate I like your work and would like to see about working together somewhere in the future. In the same token, I accept most requests with the same understanding of some interest in work or working together.



Credits Include:
Greater Cleveland Self Defense Association, Cleveland Ohio
Buffalo Martial Arts & Fitness Expo
Horizon Martial Arts, West Seneca NY
MartialTimes Magazine
SilverStar WebDesigns Inc
World Modern Arnis Alliance
Blay and Sons
International BlackBelt Academy
Playboy - Cyber Club - Girls of McDonalds - Susan
MartialTalk.com & MartialTalk Magazine
KenpoTalk.com Martial Arts site
FMATalk.com Martial Arts Site

- Asajj Ventress - 2nd Place, 2013 Erie County NY Fair
- GM Max Pallen - 1st Place, 2012 Erie County NY Fair
- Lonely Trees - 3rd Place, Honorable Mention, 2011 Erie County NY Fair
- The Bride - 3rd Place, Honorable Mention, 2011 Erie County NY Fair
- Fauna - April 2011 Spotlight on MuseCube
- Grandmaster Robert Castro - 3rd Place/Honorable Mention - 2010 Erie Country Fair (NY)
- Parrot Gun, Chickamaugua National Battlefield Park, Chattanooga TN - 3rd Place/Honorable Mention - Erie Country Fair (NY)
- Perfection - Showcase - October 2010 - modelbrigade.com
- Eternal Vision - Spotlight – October 2010 – musecube.com / Showcase – October 2010 – modelbrigade.com
- Adirondack Stream - 3rd Place/Honorable Mention - 2009 Erie Country Fair (NY)


16 Dec 10 14:41
Amazing work as always!!! Happy Holidays Bob. :)
27 Nov 10 19:02
Love your work, outstanding ! Wish you lots of success.
26 Nov 10 21:54
stunning portfolio love to work with you someday http://zarihsretouching.com/
20 Nov 10 11:30
New spotlight image on MuseCube
17 Nov 10 01:32
We won two showcases on modelbrigade
13 Nov 10 01:55
New images look great!
24 Oct 10 17:11
Had a great time at the workshop, hope you did too!
22 Oct 10 22:38
See you at the workshop Sunday! Thanks for the FR, too
18 Oct 10 10:16
Amazing port and photos. Welcome to iStudio family!!!! Great to have you here joining us. Keep in touch. Hugs, Marianne WRS
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