About Me

I specialize in natural light photography.

Our studio is the great outdoors and you become the star

This means taking your best features, those where you have an advantage over the competition, and emphasizing them in your shoots.

If you have the right look I will work with you teach you, photograph you and manage your sites here and on Model Mayhem for enough time to get you noticed and hopefully get paying modeling jobs............... My services are free
You must pass this favor onto another newbie model sometime in the future.

I use color to grab the viewer's attention.

Your body, pose and eyes must sell the image.

Models must be teasy in the viewer's eyes (and mind)........ But we are never ever sleazy.......................

Please respond to this web site with phone number, a good time to make contact and your goals in modeling.


To all my Net Star USA Girls......
Thank you for the hard work we put in together to get up and running in this crazy business,