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About Me

In my case, photography has turned out to be my passion, my life and my entire point of view. I am constantly trying to get to know people and the world through pictures.

Photographer and image retouch/repro.
Previously: digital medium format Hasselblad and Mamiya, 35mm digital Canon cameras, Bowens lights, photo pro table, tents, tripods, calibrated PC
At home: medium format Hasselblad 503, Canons: 1Ds 400D, flashgun, tripod, Bowens lights, softboxes, tents, calibrated screen, Mac + PC.

Software used: Photoshop CS3/CS5 - excellent (retouching, processing), Adobe Lightroom - excellent, CaptureOne, Adobe Flex Builder + AIR Framework as a hobby, MS Office, Open Office, Canon Digital Studio - excellent, VYRE based CMS - basic experience in back-end and user of front-end. SAP.

models at studio
product photography with models
work formats:
black and white
film medium format
film big format
35mm. digital