About Me

Retouching work
I have done a good amount of touch-up work on the side over the years, I've just never kept a hold of anything I've worked on to be able to create a portfolio. So I'm more than willing to do some TF touch-up work right now in order to build a portfolio. I can do pretty much anything and everything as far as touchup.. I've yet to run into a request I can't accomplish.

Dramatic edits
This is where my heart lies. I love doing dramatics, I consider it my art. If you're interested in having me work with one of your images, send me a message here and I'll get back to you quickly to work out the details. I don't charge for dramatics.. its art to me, not business, and I'm rather picky about giving up creative control, so anything I do is TF.

Current project ideas
I've got a few ideas for dramatics I'm tossing around, anyone who's interested in collaborating with me on one or more, get in touch with me.
- "Sands of Time" - Young woman in the top of an hourglass, dissolving into sand and turning into an older woman in the bottom.
- "Picking up the Pieces" - Woman made of puzzle pieces, with a few pieces missing.
- "Clearly Invisible" - Nude woman in the middle of a busy scene, turning invisible from no one noticing her.
- "Choosing Beauty" - Woman standing in her closet, torsos, legs, derrières, etc on the shelves instead of clothing.
- "Fading Away" - Ok, I wrote this down on my inspiration list, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it meant, so I'll have to get back to this one.