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June 2011 me thinks...


About Me:
I am a body painter with a background in traditional art. I took my brush from canvas to the human form in 2008 and I really loved the shock value :D I do not use airbrush.

I love collaborating! When I set up shoots, I love to call people as opposed to endless emails and MM messages. I like the human-ish contact thing... I knoooowww it can be nerve-wracking calling someone for the first time but I don't eat people for breakfast or anything. Chill.

My goal is to bring body painting to new heights!
By the end of 2010 I hope to have a MUA album up too.

Models- nudity in front of the camera is NOT REQUIRED.
Please keep in mind that I paint on skin, not clothing. If the possibility of me seeing you nekkid makes you uncomfortable, (implied)nudes may not be for you.

Photographers- I'm pretty sure it goes without saying that I expect professionalism, and I bring mine along to every shoot. I keep it on the table by the door with the car keys and the mail, so I never forget it. If my canvas is groped, molested, harassed or otherwise made to feel extremely uncomfortable- I will walk away from the shoot in a heart beat. And possibly buy my canvas a sandwich...

JZino Body Art now on Youtube!! (http://www.youtube.com/jzinobodyart)
Intro and commonly asked questions are answered :)

Become a fan on FaceBook. (http://www.facebook.com/pages/JZino-Body-Art/278030044732)



A dozen OMP showcases
2 DeviantART Daily Deviations
OMP Nude Image of the Day on Photographer's Profile
Full Exposure Magazine -July '09 Issue
Music Video for No Regrets by Tasting Grace. 2010- Tastinggrace.com (http://www.youtube.com/tastinggrace)

Sweet Romance
Mary Mya
Banana Sp/it
Tiffany Lynn
Daneane Hosmer
Michael Scot
Lina Mia
Taylor Cruz
Ashley Nicole
Lauren WK
Sarah Carmella
Isa Voros
Sexii Kate
Luciux Luna
Serena Star
Catherine A Johnson
Danielle Guldin
Nicole Kelly
Coreen Everett
Marie Christina
Vanessa Taylor
Artistic Physique
Jill Kristina
Tirzy Doll
Rachel Stephanie
Courtney F
Amber Lancaster

"JZino shows exactly how classy and creative bodypainting can be." -Exillior (DeviantART)

"I had a great time today, and to think I thought I loved your work before! You're a true talent!" -Illianna

"sorry im so late but i had a B A L L working with you, hopefully we'll meet again soon. i'd let you paint me anytime =) " -Tirzy Doll

"Working with you was such a wonderful experience. The body paint turned out amazing! I can't wait to see what the finished project looks like. You are so talented! I can't wait to post the art you created on my body! Thank you!"- NK

"I am so lucky to have worked with you. YOUR PAINTING ROCKED MY WORLD!!! AWESOME, AWESOME JOB. Also, thank you for being so professional, accomodating and making me feel so comfortable. You are truly a professional. I am very impressed!"- Vanessa Taylor

"Your painting brought life to ME! It was such a pleasure working with you and I can't thank you enough for making Sunday's shoot such a fantastic experience. You've got a fan in me!"- Danielle Guldin

"Joanna is one of the best! She is fun to work with, creative, and very particular about her work. Book her to see for yourself."- Shronda

"This woman is an INCREDIBLE artist. Hire her, book her, use her talents to step your port up to a new level! she hand painted my back, no airbrush...patience makes it all worth it!"- Mary Mya

*Mr Dagger #9203
*Studio 44-1 Images #274930
*JEP Studios #734018
*Rose- 2daysphotos #623887
*John Rako #458745
***Doug Hansgate #643172
**Michael S Photoraphy #1264235
*Shannon Kenyon #512581
***Brian Neumann #711894
***Ray Sopczuk #555
**Corwin Prescott #285248 #579335
Heather DeFelice #849240
Fotolinguist #22440
Kyle Marquette Photo #463523
Kruger Koncept Photo #721782
***Serena Star Photography #14219
*Photography by Gino #442422

*=I recommend and have worked with multiple times

"Thanks for the very kind tag... you are by far the best.... Your work always stands out. Professional, on time, easy to work with but most of all just a great person to talk to and have in the studio. I look forward to your next visit this way:)" -Ray Sopczuk

"You are one of the most creative and talented artists I have ever known. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve, filled with anticipation as I am watching you work and seeing the masterpieces transform right before my eyes, like magic!!!" -Brian Neumann

"Thanks for the Shoot Hun. I had an Awesome Time working with you!! Ray Was right Words cant even begin to say how talented you truely are. Your work is Awesome & I had alot of Fun watching you create the Human Canvas. I will get the Images of Both Ashley & Nicole Up ASAP. I hope to and look forward to working with you again sometime real Soon. Thanks Again!!" Jersey Mike

"Your art work is better than Phenomenal...it's superb phenomenal! It was great to meet and work with. Looking forward to the next time. " Studio 44-1 Images

"It just doesn't get any better than YOU! It was so awesome hosting you at the studio this past weekend and watching you work your magic! The models were thrilled and we really created some fantastic images. My only complaint is that now I have WAY too many edits I want to do of your wonderful work! (haha) Rest up, you deserve it! All my best, Mitch" -Mr Dagger

Makeup Artists:
Elegance Makeup #624460
Jodie McGuire #541712
Jessica Bosch #684103
Jessica Jean #643501
Makeup By Serena Star #661104

"YOU my friend are the shit! You blew me away! We make such a kick ass team :)"- Jessica Jean

Sub-contracted for About Face II (aboutface-2.com) 2010
Bodyssey- Body Art Convention Toronto, ON 2009
Arthur P. Schalick High School 2006
Salem County Vo Tech- Visual Art 2006


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