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Hello! My name is Ahavel and have come into the entertainment industry to fufill my potential as a Model, Actress, Singer and song writer. I am a VERY VERSATILE and multifaceted individual who is READY to take this industry by the horns.
I LOVE challenges. I am a very hard worker and I am also very meticulous and self-critical. I won’t settle for less than my best but I am also aware that collaboration between both the photographer and model is essential.

I have done a fair number of shoots and I feel that I have improved each time as I am very receptive to innovative ideas.
I also have a creative and observant mind which helps me collaborate with photographers ideas very well.


Creative, classic, stylish, adventurous, theatrical, contemporary, visionary and more. These are just a few of my styles. I want no limits to my achievement and advancement.

Head shots*
Fashion / High Fashion*

When doing ‘TF’ collaborations in ANY genre: implied, editorial, commercial, lifestyle, headshots….etc, PLEASE expect me to request CD copies and/or prompt email with zip file of finished work (no smaller than 400kb) of those exposures. I'm a nice young lady...but also not "a push-over". I have been lenient in that arena and have been “stiffed” ; please understand my stance. I want us both to walk away pleased and perhaps work together again.

While you're here please leave a comment. Something attracted you to my profile. Tell me what it was. Thank you

BEST Regards,


"First of all, Ahavel, you beautiful goddess. Thanks for giving yourself completely and running faster than I can bike. Thanks for not squinting when a reflector two from you is bashing into your lovely eyes. Thanks for not giving up even after you were sick to the stomach. You are a real pro, more than many I have worked with." Guy Livneh - www.guylivneh.com 'EPIC SPRINT' Sprint (Video) Commercial Campaign Project. "Ahavel is simply amazing to work with. Innovative, adventurous, quite fun and very creative. She really surprised-impressed me and I know we'll do even more impressive things one day. She's definitely a motivated professional who won't settle for substandard results." Henry Czuprinski, Minneapolis, MN - http://www.modelmayhem.com/63531 “Wow, You Rock out our photo shoot! "She's definitely a motivated professional who won't settle for substandard results." Photographers, Ahavel is a perfect models will not disappoint.” Christopher Gallo, Oceanside, CA - http://www.modelmayhem.com/31412 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PROFESSIONALS I HAVE WORKED WITH: Director – Guy Livneh - http://www.guylivneh.com/ Internationally acclaimed MUA – Dorit Genazzani - http://makeupbydorit.com/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MINI RESUME: THEATER (ON STAGE): A True Child Theater of the Arts Joseph the Technicolor Park Center High Shivaree North Hennepin Community College COMMERCIALS: Sprint - 'Epic Sprint' - Lead Model ~ Runner Seven Up - Drinking Girl EXTRA: Indie Movie - 'Regular Joe' - Featured Extra TV Pilot Series - 'Magic City' - Featured Extra MUSIC VIDEOS: 50 Cent ft. LLoyd - 'Let's Get It In' - Featured Extra for VIP Scene Cassidy - 'Drumma Bass' - Featured Extra for VIP Scene PRINT: Ballroom Dance and posture Salsa Dance Fiesta Studio Summer at the Park bikini Shoot Getty Images INDIE FILMS: Regular Joe FEATURE FILMS: N/A


15 Jun 12 18:41
Nice Port. Check out my blog at JohnLafataPhotographer.blogspot.com to see if I could help you take your modeling to the next level with some HD Video.
06 Dec 10 15:16
Great Look.
18 Nov 10 01:29
Excellent work
16 Nov 10 10:24
Hi and welcome to iStudio! :@) Pietro
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