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About Me

My name is Jeremy Dennis and I use photography to capture the ineffable. My work is conceptually influenced by Herbert Randall, a local photographer; along with Cindy Sherman, Gregory Crewdson, and Philip Lorca Dicorcia. I admire the narrative quality of their imagery and I strive to match it in my work.

I received a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from the University of Stony Brook in New York. I used my time there to develop my artistic vision and learn new skills and techniques. My work has been displayed in several exhibitions at Stony Brook University and will soon be shown in China.

I am interested in creating images that tell stories. I use subtle formal elements and lighting to transform a scene into a layered composition that the viewer can decipher and reconstruct according to his or her own sensibility. I intentionally use ambiguity to grant the viewer’s story enough space to change the meaning of my photograph with each viewing.

My current project consists of recreating Native American mythology through photographic collages. I am fascinated by the unique creativity of Native Peoples’ stories and the surprising variety of form myths take in different parts of the country. I wish to share my somewhat forgotten and overlooked culture with the viewer in an effort to continue the tradition of passing the stories along in more contemporary form.



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Amazing work!
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