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About Me

Attilio Turi, born December 1st, 1983, also known as ATTILIO,
He’s an Italian/English , Hip Hop/R&B Unsigned recording artist. Living in the U.K. (Leeds area, West Yorkshire).

On September 24th 2009 he released his first studio album ''All Sides of Me’’, with production by himself and the BigBoom team ( Dj Boom, Steve B. & Nitro). Released through BigBoom Projectz, available digitally on iTunes and other Music sites. Physically available at Jumbo Records (Leeds).
ATTILIO has also released his first mixtape ''Beat Thief'' available for free download on

ATTILIO first put pen to paper back in 2002 and has been doing so ever since.
Introduces by fellow M.C./Producer Anton Davies a.k.a. Blunt and Reggae Mc Reptile Rock they recorded under the name ''Dow Macs''.
An L.P. was recorded and through word of mouth they created a great buzz locally. Due to personal issues they soon went their separate ways.

ATTILIO now in love with music, saw this as a great learning experience and decide to continue solo.

Since then ATTILIO has gone from strength to strength, he reached the finals of a lot of talent competitions, even though he has never won the 1st price, he kept going knowing bigger things were to come.
He has performed at venues up and down the U.K. (Camden Town, London, Birmingham, Leeds, Doncaster, Bradford, Castleford and Sheffield) Huddersfield Carnival, the Famous Wardrobe Club in Leeds Scarboroughs Culture Shock Festival and Wakefield Theatre.
Currently receiving radio plays by BBC Radio, Doncaster Sine F.M. Leeds Peoples F.M. and many internet radio stations.
ATTILIO has worked with several other artists/djs such as the Galaxy F.M. crew, DJ Lady G2, DJ Prolific, Parly B., Reptile Rock, Sykes, Jilly Riley and DJ Boom.
Knowing that time waits for no man, ATTILIO’s music improves with every song made, hard work, passion, commitment, confidence and staying true to one’s self are a few simple rules that he swear by.

''Time fly’s by, so when the next flight comes amma ride with it, my goal is to be successful with my talent and creativity and to connect with people through the language of music'' ( ATTILIO)

Attilio Turi was born on December the 1st, 1983, raised in the city of BARI, Puglia, South Italy.
He’s the eldest of 4 children, son of Giambattista Turi a stage designer/manager who has had the pleasure of working with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Pavarotti, Gipsy King, Sting, Cristian Desica. As a child Attilio used to sit in the theatre watching the big stars rehearsals, wishing to one day perform on stage just like them.
His mother Britta Dixon of German/English roots was and still is the biggest inspiration and driving force in his life.
Growing up in Bari, had its ups and downs, he attended high school at the Santo Mauro scuola and attended the Don Guanello church on Sundays.
In 1996 his parents divorced, and he moved to the U.K. with his sisters and mother.
These were tough times, money was very tight, and Attilio now a teenager only spoke very Basic English which made it hard for him to make friends, he attended high school at Minsthorpe Community College and at the same time worked as milk deliver boy before school.
He Later studied art&design and music technology at Wakefield Thornes Park College but dropped out.
"I’m very close to my family, I love visiting them back in Italy and visiting my father in Tenerife as much as I can’'' (Attilio)