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About Me

Hey there! My name is Tim Opar and I'm an up and coming photographer. I've been trying to build myself up lately to be able to get some paid shoots lately. I have a lot of friends who are actors so I've done a lot of headshots and things like that. More recently I've been working with an inventor who has developed a fantastic fitness product and I've had 3 photo shoots so far with models using the product.
Last week I was the Background Photographer for "Clickers and Chickers" Round 4 in Paramus. There were several beautiful women in a gym doing a boxing themed photoshoot, it was a great experience.
But more about me...
The most important thing about me and photography is, I'm just plain old easy to work with. It comes from when I used to go to school for acting and I had to work so closely with people. I'll make you feel comfortable and I'll help you portray any emotion you want to through the camera. They always taught us that it's very important that there's a certain chemistry between photographer and photographee and I've always believed in that. I also do all of the retouching myself. So all the photos you've seen here are done from me on my macbook pro. If anyone would like to have any kind of interesting photoshoot or you just need some headshots just email me at timothyopar@gmail.com or message me on here!