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I like to work with people to create art. I like capturing natural expressions. I enjoy what I do and like to see peoples faces when they see my work. Doing this I get a chance to meet and work with all sorts of people which I have always enjoyed. I believe in having fun while at a shoot and I do so because this is my passion. I don't create art with a pencil or a brush but with that which is in front of me. I'm looking to expand my portfolio so if you are new to modeling or are interested in expanding/updating yours let me know by sending me a message or emailing me at jafotography@yahoo.com. If you have any ideas I would love to work together to get it done and capture it. I do travel to Austin about once every other month.

Also if you are a designer, MUA, or another photographer and would like to work on something together feel free to let me know. We can always learn something from each other.

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16 Jul 12 17:47
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