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Hey Hey! Welcome to my profile and checkin' it out!

I crave to shoot pics that feel warm and inviting; yet leave room for the imagination. It is not required you are a 'model' to shoot with me. It is not rocket science to pose. I will help you out with that if you 'don't know what to do'. I feel my images have my taste embedded within them. So if you like my style, feel free to contact me, though I am game to try any ideas you might have and expand my style.

I have shot everything from air shows, to senior pics to concerts. I also do lots of photoshop work for other photographers, so if you need any work done let me know; my rates are more than fair for the quality you will receive.

**Currently I am not taking any TFCD/TFP as I do not have the time and do not need anymore pics for my portfolio. If you are a female wishing to shoot, I do need to build that side of my portfolio, contact me for details. Contact me regardless, as maybe your style or look will still go for TFCD.

Professional gear is all I use; I do not use a "point and shoot", and I also do not publish or shoot cheezy retarded looking shots. You will not receive a DVD of ALL images, you will only receive (or emailed) the processed shots of which will be marked for copyright. You MUST sign a release form prior to shooting, if you wish to read the release before stating you wish to shoot, I can email that to you. I will not have your images done over night for they take some time, and I do not rush quality. I can print images in-house on a professional printer; my rates for prints are again more than fair.

I am very down to earth and love to joke and laugh while shooting. I make sure you are at ease, because if you are not, it will show in the pics, and then they are useless. Everyone I have shot with I have become friends with and most if not all have shot more than once with me. Feel free to contact them if they are on MM to ask about me if you wish.

"He is always great to work with, we joke around and have a good time, and in the end he produces amazing pictures. He is very professional yet laid back and easy to work with and drives me to give it my all." - Chris

Studio is located in the Crossroads District downtown.

If you have any questions about my rates, services or ideas you have; please don't hesitate to contact me.

If you need to rent space for a shoot, or wish to rent an office space (post production edit suite) I can lease that to you as well. You will be working around other post prod folks and have studio access for both photography and video. Just shoot me an email! I also can offer vinyl cutting and plotting for banners, door signs and such. My work is all over KC.

Thanks again, and have a great day! I look forward to working with you!


Shout-Outs to models I have shot via this site:
Model Shoot: Alfie (MM:372093)
Model Shoot: Brody Hart (MM:110736)
Model Shoot: Chris Wright (MM:17615)
Model Shoot: Jaush Gray (MM:1029672)
Model Shoot: Ryan
Model Shoot: Robb Leo (MM:900856)
Model Shoot: Kalvin
Model Shoot: Jeff
Model Shoot: Jacob Johnsen (MM:796846)
Model Shoot: Eric
Model Shoot: Cory
Model Shoot: Nate
Model Shoot: Crystopher Rae (MM:381686)
Model Shoot: Andrew
Model Shoot: Adam
Model Shoot: Lahcen
Model Shoot: Will
Model Shoot: Amir Cuffe (MML1038802)
Model Shoot: Chris Williams (MM:1734691)
Model Shoot: Oscar Olivas (MM:1994757)
Promo Shoot: Nate Dean
Promo Shoot: Mike Patrum (DDrum Website Shoot)
Promo Shoot: Ryan W (Crave Album Cover)
Promo Shoot: Ryan W (Welcome to My World Album Cover)


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Lovely work!
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