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MY NAME IS MARCUS AND I LOVE WHAT I DO Im an ivy league college graduate law school drop-out with extensive coursework in 35mm film photography throughout my schooling. I am young but I have worked and shadowed some of the best photographers in the world via my film career. I have 14 years experience in working with a variety of elements in film and photography, I am new to MM and very excited about my new path and building my new DSLR portfolio. I split time between Austin, Texas and Orange County, CA. Will be seeking models for paid assignments and some limited TFPs if applicable, domestically and internationally. My photo background primarily surfing, but exploring a new niche and production process for print and art interpretation for a newly developing national magazine with some eastern europe distribution.

My goal is to create images that provoke a feeling, tell a story, and make a statement. If you want tanned photoshopped Hawaiian Tropic swimsuit or playboy photos, then you have the wrong guy. I want people to look at my shots and be forced to imagine the setting, what happened before, what happens a story book or a short film. That being said, I do a lot of implied shots and will go as far as you are comfortable with. One thing I will rarely do is combine implied or full nudity with a clear full image of your face in the same photo. No or partial recognition does a couple of things....its provides more to the imagination as well as protects you in the long run. I have very high ethical standards and have your best interests in mind in the short and long term. Your reputation, respect, and ability to pursue any other opportunities that might come your way are my highest priority.


The Praha 13 Project is the first of a series that will incorporate still imagery, film, and artistic interpretation inspired by a lacking gap in tasteful sensuality.

The Praha 13 Project by Null Photo
8880 Rio San Diego Drive, Rio Vista Tower, San Diego, CA 92108

This agreement has been secured by a substantial investment via private equity, so you will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement for all shoots done for this project since it is still in process. Most of the shoots will be done in Prague, Czech Republic but will also be shooting in North San Diego area and Austin, TX. Airfare, Lodging, and some meals will be covered by my company. I will be reaching out to candidates continuously for this project, so please make sure you fit the requirements if you are interested.