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About Me

To start off, I'm married (long time) with children, so not interested in dating you. I have been a Professional Photographer for the last 23 years. Shooting everything from Commercial to Weddings and everything in between.

Shooting Style:
I believe that the emphasis should be on the model not the background. Since the model is selling him or herself to agencies/publications whomever, they need to have a clean representation of what they look like with no guess work. It's interesting to see what a model can do using minimal props with a white surface as a background. Some embrace it and are able to show what they got (posing/movement/expression) and others its a little more difficult. I work with both and help bring out the best no matter what, it's my passion.

Shooting Times Available:
We do all of our shoots in the evenings during the week. The weekends are used to spend time with our children and the week days are used for paying jobs.

New You Photography enjoys capturing the innocence and beauty of women. No porn, no fetishes, no cheese, no bondage..... just natural fun, gorgeous beauty is our goal to capture in our images.

Our style of photography is to bring out the class and beauty in every woman we photograph. We do implied photos as seen in our portfolio, let people use their imagination its sexier that way.

I love to shoot TFP with new models. Sometimes my best shoots come from fresh, brand new faces! Send me a message to inquire.

I welcome you to the creative process and to be involved. I'm open to your input and your ideas.

You can reached me at anytime via email.


Currently looking to shoot the following:

Fine Art - Figurative Study (edge lighting illuminating body contours)

Fabric- Fabric draped on model only showing beautiful soft curves.

Paint- Painted Bodies (splattered paint)

Shadows- Sexy Shadows

Contact me if your interested: