About Me

I'm aspiring to be as professional and passionate as I can be :)

I'm a highly passionate self taught Photographer based in Coffs Harbour. Trial and error, and dedication means success.

4-5 years experience, self taught, 6 months studying Photoshop for hours on end and still going. Home based studio available, or on-location also available.

For the past 2-3 years, I have been broadening my skills and working with clients from around the Coffs Harbour area, as my experience gains, as does my skills.

Any session I get, I give 110% no less, the fact I am so passionate I will always give you my best results.

I'm so passionate about this, it is hard to describe... I love anything creative, and I love children, and families... I don't think about dollar signs.. I think about the finished outcome and how happy you are overall! I am blessed with all the great feedback I get, and that the community supports me and my passion so much! My ultimate dream is to be published in magazines, and to work with amazing professional Models.


06 May 11 22:03
Welcome as a photographer. Looking forward to seeing more of your work up on here, with 100 free uploads. In focus from Down Under!
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