About Me

Thank you everybody for the great support you have shown my work over the years. I am always looking for models to collaborate with and sometimes Ill even do some TFP work.

I have worked as a mainstream glamor and Fashion photographer for many years in the Las Vegas Market and recently started doing Body paint projects. This profile represents some of my more recent work.

I rarely do any TFP with any other photographers because I happen to be a photographer so it kind of defeats the purpose.

If I send you a Friend request it either means that I would love to work with you or I just absolutely love your pictures.

As for the Escort question......I DO NOT allow escorts due to many problems I have had with them in the past. I dont need to hire someone to watch the person you bring. I dont make exceptions for this so dont ask. I am a professional and will gladly give you all the references you need. And would be glad to meet with you first before the shoot (which I usually make a point to do) so that you are as comfortable with me as I am with you.

I am very busy and looking for people to work with that will not flake out on shoots it gets very annoying. If you are a flaky person that cant show up on time I probably wont want to be working with you.

If you are coming in from out of town please let me know as far in advance as you can so I can see if My schedule is free to work with you.