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Liza Crilly-Tyner

I like to be called Liza for short, it is nice to meet you all. I started out with my photography with a friend of mine while just playing dress up and taking pictures for our MySpace before Face book was popular. Then it became a regular thing we started using it as a therapy when my friends and I felt down or insecure, we would just take more pictures. Then I decided, with my brother’s assistance and advice (being a main photographer for our local radio station Radio Lazer), that I would focus harder on photography. I began to get a lot of complements on my work and afterward, friends and my cousin wanted to have photo shoots. So I started collecting all my past work. With my husband, kids and family supporting me I have started school for this very thing and I am proceeding into a career as I continue to work on my portfolio. When the time comes for someone to ask me for a portfolio I will have it ready.
I love to take pictures. I got my first camera when I was 19 and now I am 29yrs old now. I stared all of this by playing dress up and taking pictures, doing hair and makeup with my friends now I am looking forward to going further. I have quite a few models under my belt that I have worked with so far and I am constantly trying to build up my portfolio. I am married with 4 boys so I have quite a schedule to work around, but I do this for fun, for now, in hopes of creating a successful business venture. I have not done any professional work as of now, but I am in the process of building up my portfolio. I also do makeup, hair, and nails and all I do I learned on my own. I do my best to provide clothes, wigs and makeup. I do all kinds of photo shoots and anything I have not done I am willing to try. I have done all sizes of women from petite to plus size.
As for my designing, I used make my MySpace profile from scratch for those who remember what that is. Then I moved on to as well as Photobucket. That was fun for me because you could take a picture, layer on other pieces of other pictures turning them into whole new photos. Some in which had action. For example I could make it snow in a picture or put a rose on top of water catching a reflection. Then I moved on to Gimp2, you can get that for free online. After I moved on to Serif Photo Plus5, then finally I received my Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 and I have been using a mixture of them all ever since.



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